1081 – 1090: Beauty’s Dart

Is it an angel? A fair peacock 1081
Or jewelled belle? To my mind a shock!
The counter glances of this belle 1082
Are armied dart of the Love-Angel.
Not known before – I spy Demise 1083
In woman’s guise with battling eyes.
This artless dame has darting eyes 1084
That drink the life of men who gaze.
Is it death, eye or doe? All three 1085
In winsome woman’s look I see.
If cruel brows unbent, would screen 1086
Her eyes won’t cause me trembling pain.
Vest on the buxom breast of her 1087
Looks like rutting tusker’s eye-cover.
Ah these fair brows shatter my might 1088
Feared by foemen yet to meet.
Which jewel can add to her beauty 1089
With fawn-like looks and modesty?
To the drunk alone is wine delight 1090
Nothing delights like love at sight.

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