1071 – 1080: Meanness

The mean seem men only in form 1071
We have never seen such a sham.
The base seem richer than the good 1072
For no care enters their heart or head.
The base are like gods; for they too 1073
As prompted by their desire do.
When the base meets a rake so vile 1074
Him he will exceed, exult and smile.
Fear forms the conduct of the low 1075
Craving avails a bit below.
The base are like the beaten drum 1076
Since other’s secrets they proclaim.
The base their damp hand will not shake 1077
But for fists clenched their jaws to break.
The good by soft words profits yield 1078
The cane-like base when crushed and killed.
Faults in others the mean will guess 1079
On seeing how they eat and dress.
The base hasten to sell themselves 1080
From doom to flit and nothing else.

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