1061 – 1070: Dread of Beggary

Not to beg is billions worth 1061
E’en from eye-like friends who give with mirth.
Let World-Maker loiter and rot 1062
If “beg and live” be human fate.
Nothing is hard like hard saying 1063
“We end poverty by begging”.
All space is small before the great 1064
Who beg not e’en in want acute.
Though gruel thin, nothing is sweet 1065
Like the food earned by labour’s sweat.
It may be water for the cow 1066
Begging tongue is mean anyhow.
If beg they must I beg beggers 1067
Not to beg from shrinking misers.
The hapless bark of beggary splits 1068
On the rock of refusing hits.
The heart at thought of beggars melts; 1069
It dies at repulsing insults.
The word “No” kills the begger’s life 1070
Where can the niggard’s life be safe?

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