1051 – 1060: Asking

Demand from those who can supply 1051
Default is theirs when they deny.
Even demand becomes a joy 1052
When the things comes without annoy.
Request has charm form open hearts 1053
Who know the duty on their part.
Like giving even asking seems 1054
From those who hide not even in dreams.
The needy demand for help because 1055
The world has men who don’t refuse.
The pain of poverty shall die 1056
Before the free who don’t deny.
When givers without scorn impart 1057
A thrill of delight fills the heart.
This grand cool world shall move to and fro 1058
Sans Askers like a puppet show.
Where stands the glory of givers 1059
Without obligation seekers?
The needy should not scowl at “No” 1060
His need another’s need must show.

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