1041 – 1050: Poverty

What gives more pain than scarcity? 1041
No pain pinches like poverty.
The sinner Want is enemy dire 1042
Of joys of earth and heaven there.
The craving itch of poverty 1043
Kills graceful words and ancestry.
Want makes even good familymen 1044
Utter words that are low and mean.
The pest of wanton poverty 1045
Brings a train of misery.
The poor men’s words are thrown away 1046
Though from heart good things they say.
Even the mother looks as stranger 1047
The poor devoid of character.
The killing Want of yesterday 1048
Will it pester me even to-day?
One may sleep in the midst of fire 1049
In want a wink of sleep is rare.
Renounce their lives the poor must 1050
Or salt and gruel go to waste.

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