1031 – 1040: Farming

Farming though hard is foremost trade 1031
Men ply at will but ploughmen lead.
Tillers are linch-pin of mankind 1032
Bearing the rest who cannot tend.
They live who live to plough and eat 1033
The rest behind them bow and eat.
Who have the shade of cornful crest 1034
Under their umbra umbrellas rest.
Who till and eat, beg not; nought hide 1035
But give to those who are in need.
Should ploughmen sit folding their hands 1036
Desire-free monks too suffer wants.
Moulds dried to quarter-dust ensure 1037
Rich crops without handful manure.
Better manure than plough; then weed; 1038
Than irrigating, better guard.
If landsmen sit sans moving about 1039
The field like wife will sulk and pout.
Fair good earth will laugh to see 1040
Idlers pleading poverty.

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