1021 – 1030: Promoting Family Welfare

No greatness is grander like 1021
Saying “I shall work without slack”.
These two exalt a noble home 1022
Ardent effort and ripe wisdom.
When one resolves to raise his race 1023
Loin girt up God leads his ways.
Who raise their races with ceaseless pain 1024
No need for plan; their ends will gain.
Who keeps his house without a blame 1025
People around, his kinship claim.
Who raise their race which gave them birth 1026
Are deemed as men of manly worth.
Like dauntless heroes in battle field 1027
The home-burden rests on the bold.
No season have they who raise their race 1028
Sloth and pride will honour efface.
Is not his frame a vase for woes 1029
Who from mishaps shields his house?
A house will fall by a mishap 1030
With no good man to prop it up.

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