1011 – 1020: Sensitiveness to Shame

To shrink from evil deed is shame 1011
The rest is blush of fair-faced dame.
Food, dress and such are one for all 1012
Modesty marks the higher soul.
All lives have their lodge in flesh 1013
Perfection has its home in blush.
Shame is the jewel of dignity 1014
Shameless swagger is vanity.
In them resides the sense of shame 1015
Who blush for their and other’s blame.
The great refuse the wonder-world 1016
Without modesty’s hedge and shield.
For shame their life the shame-sensed give 1017
Loss of shame they won’t outlive.
Virtue is much ashamed of him 1018
Who shameless does what others shame.
Lapse in manners injures the race 1019
Want of shame harms every good grace.
Movements of the shameless in heart 1020
Are string-led puppet show in fact.

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