91 – 100: Sweet Words

The words of Seers are lovely sweet 91
Merciful and free from deceit.
Sweet words from smiling lips dispense 92
More joys than heart’s beneficence.
Calm face, sweet look, kind words from heart 93
Such is the gracious virtue’s part.
Whose loving words delight each one 94
The woe of want from them is gone.
To be humble and sweet words speak 95
No other jewel do wise men seek.
His sins vanish, his virtues grow 96
Whose fruitful words with sweetness flow.
The fruitful courteous kindly words 97
Lead to goodness and graceful deeds.
Kind words free from meanness delight 98
This life on earth and life the next.
Who sees the sweets of sweetness here 99
To use harsh words how can he dare?
Leaving ripe fruits the raw he eats 100
Who speaks harsh words when sweet word suits.

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