81 – 90: Hospitality

Men set up home, toil and earn 81
To tend the guests and do good turn.
To keep out guests cannot be good 82
Albeit you eat nector-like food.
Who tends his guests day in and out 83
His life in want never wears out.
The goddess of wealth will gladly rest 84
Where smiles welcome the worthy guest.
Should his field be sown who first 85
Feeds the guests and eats the rest?
Who tends a guest and looks for next 86
Is a welcome guest in heaven’s feast.
Worth of the guest of quality 87
Is worth of hospitality.
Who loathe guest-service one day cry: 88
“We toil and store; but life is dry”.
The man of wealth is poor indeed 89
Whose folly fails the guest to feed.
Anicham smelt withers: like that 90
A wry-faced look withers the guest.

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