71 – 80: Loving-Kindness

What bolt can bar true love in fact 71
The tricking tears reveal the heart.
To selves belong the loveless ones; 72
To oth’rs the loving e’en to bones.
Soul is encased in frame of bone 73
To taste the life of love alone.
Love yields aspiration and thence 74
Friendship springs up in excellence.
The crowning joy of home life flows 75
From peaceful psychic love always.
“Love is virtue’s friend” say know-nots 76
It helps us against evil plots.
Justice burns the loveless form 77
Like solar blaze the boneless worm.
Life bereft of love is gloom 78
Can sapless tree in desert bloom?
Love is the heart which limbs must move, 79
Or vain the outer parts will prove.
The seat of life is love alone; 80
Or beings are but skin and bone!

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