61 – 70: The Wealth of Children

The world no higher bliss bestows 61
Than children virtuous and wise.
No evil comes and no blemish; 62
Noble sons bring all we wish.
Children are one’s wealth indeed 63
Their wealth is measured by their deed.
The food is more than nectar sweet 64
In which one’s children hands insert.
Children’s touch delights the body 65
Sweet to ears are their words lovely.
he flute and lute are sweet they say 66
Deaf to baby’s babble’s lay!
A father’s duty to his son is 67
To seat him in front of the wise.
With joy the hearts of parents swell 68
To see their children themselves excel.
The mother, hearing her son’s merit 69
Delights more than when she begot.
The son to sire this word is debt 70
“What penance such a son begot!”

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