41 – 50: Married Life

The ideal householder is he 41
Who aids the natural orders there.
His help the monk and retired share, 42
And celibate students are his care.
By dutiful householder’s aid 43
God, manes, kin, self and guests are served.
Sin he shuns and food he shares 44
His home is bright and brighter fares.
In grace and gain the home excels, 45
Where love with virtue sweetly dwells.
Who turns from righteous family 46
To be a monk, what profits he?
Of all who strive for bliss, the great 47
Is he who leads the married state.
Straight in virtue, right in living 48
Make men brighter than monks praying.
Home-life and virtue, are the same; 49
Which spotless monkhood too can claim.
He is a man of divine worth 50
Who lives in ideal home on earth.

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