371 – 380: Destiny

Efforts succeed by waxing star 371
Wealth-losing brings waning star.
Loss-fate makes a dull fool of us 372
Gain-fate makes us prosperous, wise!
What matters subtle study deep? 373
Levels of innate wisdom-keep.
Two natures in the world obtain 374
Some wealth and others wisdom gain.
In making wealth fate changes mood; 375
The good as bad and bad as good.
Things not thine never remain 376
Things destined are surely thine.
Who crores amass enjoy but what 377
The Dispenser’s decrees allot.
The destitute desire will quit 378
If fate with ills visit them not.
Who good in time of good perceive 379
In evil time why should they grieve?
What power surpasses fate? Its will 380
Persists against the human skill.

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