361 – 370: Curbing of Desire

Desire to all, always is seed 361
From which ceaseless births proceed.
If long thou must, long for non-birth 362
It comes by longing no more for earth.
No such wealth is here and there 363
As peerless wealth of non-desire.
To nothing crave is purity 364
That is the fruit of verity.
The free are those who desire not 365
The rest not free in bonds are caught.
Dread desire; Virtue is there 366
To every soul desire is snare!
Destroy desire; deliverance 367
Comes as much as you aspire hence.
Desire extinct no sorrow-taints 368
Grief comes on grief where it pretends.
Desire, the woe of woes destroy 369
Joy of joys here you enjoy.
Off with desire insatiate 370
You gain the native blissful state.

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