351 – 360: Truth-Conciousness

That error entails ignoble birth 351
Which deems vain things as things of worth.
Men of spotless pure insight 352
Enjoy delight devoid of night.
To doubtless minds whose heart is clear 353
More than earth heaven is near.
Knowledge of five senses is vain 354
Without knowing the Truth within.
Knowledge is truth of things to find 355
In every case of every kind.
Who learn and here the Truth discern 356
Enter the path of non-return.
One-minded sage sees inner-truth 357
He is free from thoughts of rebirth.
It is knowledge to know Self-Truth 358
And remove the folly of birth.
Know the Refuge; off with bondage 359
Be free from ills of thraldom, O sage.
Woes expire when lust, wrath, folly 360
Expire even to name, fully.

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