341 – 350: Renunciation

From what from what a man is free 341
From that, from that his torments flee.
Give up all to gain the True 342
And endless joys shall hence seek you.
Curb the senses five and renounce 343
The carving desires all at once.
To have nothing is law of vows 344
Having the least deludes and snares.
Why add to bonds while this body 345
Is too much for saints to be birth-free.
Who curbs the pride of I and mine 346
Gets a world rare for gods to gain.
Grief clings on and on to those 347
Who cling to bonds without release.
Who renounce all are free from care 348
Others suffer delusive snare.
Bondage cut off, rebirth is off 349
The world then seems instable stuff.
Bind Thyself to the unbound one 350
That binding breaks all bonds anon.

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