331 – 340: Instability

The worst of follies it is told 331
The fleeting as lasting to hold.
Like a drama-crowd wealth gathers 332
Like passing show its pride too goes.
Wealth wanes away; but when it comes 333
Take care to do enduring things.
The showy day is but a saw 334
Your life, know that, to file and gnaw.
Ere tongue benumbs and hiccough comes 335
Rise up to do good deeds betimes.
One was yesterday; not today! 336
Man knows not his next moment 337
On crores of things he is intent.
The soul from body any day 338
Like bird from egg-shell flies away.
Death is like a slumber deep 339
And birth like waking from that sleep.
The life berthed in this body shows 340
A fixed home it never knows.

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