321 – 330: Non-Killing

What is Virtue? ‘Tis not to kill 321
For killing causes every ill.
Share the food and serve all lives 322
This is the law of all the laws.
Not to kill is unique good 323
The next, not to utter falsehood.
What way is good? That we can say 324
The way away from heat to slay.
Of saints who renounce birth-fearing 325
The head is he who dreads killing.
Life-eating-Death shall spare the breath 326
Of him who no life puts to death.
Kill not life that others cherish 327
Even when your life must perish.
The gain of slaughter is a vice 328
Though deemed good in sacrifice.
Those who live by slaying are 329
Eaters of carrion bizarre!
The loathsome poor sickly and sore 330
Are killers stained by blood before.

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