311 – 320: Non Violence

The pure by faith mean pain to none 311
Though princely wealth by that is won.
The spotless hearts seek not revenge 312
Though Malice does the worst in rage.
Revenging even causeless hate 313
Bad-blood breeds and baneful heat.
Doing good-turns, put them to shame 314
Thus chide the evil who do harm.
What does a man from wisdom gain 315
If he pines not at other’s pain?
What you feel as pain to yourself 316
Do it not to the other-self.
Any, anywhere injure not 317
At any time even in thought.
How can he injure other souls 318
Who in his life injury feels.
Harm others in the forenoon 319
Harm seeks thee in afternoon.
No harm is done by peace-lovers 320
For pains rebound on pain-givers.

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