31 – 40: The Power of Virtue

From virtue weal and wealth outflow; 31
What greater good can mankind know?
Virtue enhances joy and gain; 32
Forsaking it is fall and pain.
Perform good deeds as much you can 33
Always and everywhere, o man!
In spotless mind virtue is found 34
And not in show and swelling sound.
Four ills eschew and virtue reach, 35
Lust, anger, envy, evil-speech.
Do good enow; defer it not 36
A deathless aid in death if sought.
Litter-bearer and rider say 37
Without a word, the fortune’s way.
Like stones that block rebirth and pain 38
Are doing good and good again.
Weal flows only from virtue done 39
The rest is rue and renown gone.
Worthy act is virtue done 40
Vice is what we ought to shun.

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