301 – 310: Restraining Anger

Anger against the weak is wrong 301
It is futile against the strong.
Vain is wrath against men of force 302
Against the meek it is still worse.
Off with wrath with any one. 303
It is the source of sin and pain.
Is there a foe like harmful ire 304
Which kills the smile and joyful cheer?
Thyself to save, from wrath away! 305
If not thyself the wrath will slay.
Friend-killer is the fatal rage 306
It burns the helpful kinship-barge.
The wrath-lover to doom is bound 307
Like failless-hand that strikes the ground.
Save thy soul from burning ire 308
Though tortured like the touch of fire.
Wishes he gains as he wishes 309
If man refrains from rage vicious!
Dead are they who are anger-fed 310
Saints are they from whom wrath has fled.

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