291 – 300: Veracity

If “What is truth”? the question be, 291
It is to speak out evil-free.
E’en falsehood may for truth suffice, 292
When good it brings removing vice.
Let not a man knowingly lie; 293
Conscience will scorch and make him sigh.
He lives in loving hearts of all 294
Who serves the Truth serene in soul.
To speak the truth from heart sincere 295
Is more than giving and living austere.
Not to lie brings all the praise 296
All virtues from Truth arise.
Lie not lie not. Naught else you need 297
All virtues are in Truth indeed.
Water makes you pure outward 298
Truth renders you pure inward.
All lights are not lights for the wise; 299
Truth light is light bright like Sun-light.
Of all the things we here have seen 300
Nothing surpasses Truth serene!

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