281 – 290: Absence of Fraud

Let him who would reproachless be 281
From all frauds guard his conscience free.
“We will by fraud win other’s wealth” 282
Even this thought is sin and stealth.
The gain by fraud may overflow 283
But swift to ruin it shall go.
The fruit that fraud and greed obtain 284
Shall end in endless grief and pain.
Love and Grace are not their worth 285
Who watch to waylay dozer’s wealth.
They cannot walk in measured bounds 286
who crave and have covetous ends.
Men of measured wisdom shun 287
Black art of fraud and what it won.
Virtue abides in righteous hearts 288
Into minds of frauds deceit darts.
They perish in their perfidy 289
Who know nothing but pilfery.
Even the body rejects thieves; 290
The honest men, heaven receives.

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