271 – 280: Imposture

Elements five of feigned life 271
Of a sly hypocrite within laugh.
Of what avail are sky-high shows 272
When guild the conscience gnaws and knows.
Vaunting sainthood while week within 273
Seems a grazer with tiger skin.
Sinning in saintly show is like 274
Fowlers in ambush birds to strike.
Who false within but freedom feign 275
Shall moan “What have we done” with pain.
Vilest is he who seems a saint 276
Cheating the world without restraint.
Berry-red is his outward view, 277
Black like its nose his inward hue.
Filthy in mind some bathe in streams 278
Hiding sins in showy extremes.
Know men by acts and not by forms 279
Strait arrow kills, bent lute but charms.
No balding nor tangling the hair! 280
Abstain from condemned acts with care.

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