261 – 270: Penance

Pains endure; pain not beings 261
This is the type of true penance.
Penance is fit for penitents 262
Not for him who in vain pretends.
Is it to true penitent’s aid, 263
That others austere path avoid?
In penance lies the power to save 264
The friends and foil the foe and knave.
What they wish as they wish is won 265
Here hence by men penance is done.
Who do penance achieve their aim 266
Others desire-rid themselves harm.
Pure and bright gets the gold in fire; 267
and so the life by pain austere.
He worship wins from every soul 268
Who Master is by soul control.
They can even defy death 269
Who get by penance godly strenth.
Many are poor and few are rich 270
For they care not for penance much.

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