251 – 260: Abstinence from Flesh

What graciousness can one command 251
who feeds his flesh by flesh gourmand.
The thriftless have no property 252
And flesh-eaters have no pity.
Who wields a steel is steel-hearted 253
Who tastes body is hard-hearted.
If merciless it is to kill, 254
To kill and eat is disgraceful.
Off with flesh; a life you save 255
The eater hell’s mouth shall not waive!
None would kill and sell the flesh 256
For eating it if they don’t wish.
From eating flesh men must abstain 257
If they but feel the being’s pain.
Whose mind from illusion is freed 258
Refuse on lifeless flesh to feed.
Not to-kill-and-eat, truly 259
Excels thousand pourings of ghee!
All lives shall lift their palms to him 260
Who eats not flesh nor kills with whim.

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