241 – 250: Compassion

The wealth of wealth is wealth of grace 241
Earthly wealth e’en the basest has.
Seek by sound ways good compassion; 242
All faiths mark that for-salvation.
The hearts of mercy shall not go 243
Into dark worlds of gruesome woe.
His soul is free from dread of sins 244
Whose mercy serveth all beings.
The wide wind-fed world witness bears: 245
Men of mercy meet not sorrows.
Who grace forsake and graceless act 246
The former loss and woes forget.
This world is not for weathless ones 247
That world is not for graceless swines.
The wealthless may prosper one day; 248
The graceless never bloom agay.
Like Truth twisted by confused mind 249
Wisdom is vain in hearts unkind.
Think how you feel before the strong 250
When to the feeble you do wrong.

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