231 – 240: Renown

They gather fame who freely give 231
The greatest gain for all that live.
The glory of the alms-giver 232
Is praised aloud as popular.
Nothing else lasts on earth for e’er 233
Saving high fame of the giver!
From hailing gods heavens will cease 234
To hail the men of lasting praise
Fame in fall and life in death 235
Are rare but for the soulful worth.
Be born with fame if birth you want 236
If not of birth you must not vaunt.
Why grieve at those who blame the shame 237
Of those who cannot live in fame?
To men on earth it is a shame 238
Not to beget the child of fame.
The land will shrink in yield if men 239
O’erburden it without renown.
They live who live without blemish 240
The blameful ones do not flurish.

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