211 – 220: Duty to Society

Duty demands nothing in turn; 211
How can the world recompense rain?
All the wealth that toils give 212
Is meant to serve those who deserve.
In heav’n and earth ’tis hard to find 213
A greater good than being kind.
He lives who knows befitting act 214
Others are deemed as dead in fact.
The wealth that wise and kind do make 215
Is like water that fills a lake.
Who plenty gets and plenty gives 216
Is like town-tree teeming with fruits.
The wealth of a wide-hearted soul 217
Is a herbal tree that healeth all.
Though seers may fall on evil days 218
Their sense of duty never strays.
The good man’s poverty and grief 219
Is want of means to give relief.
By good if ruin comes across 220
Sell yourself to save that loss.

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