21 – 30: The Merit of Ascetics

No merit can be held so high 21
As theirs who sense and self deny.
To con ascetic glory here 22
Is to count the dead upon the sphere.
No lustre can with theirs compare 23
Who know the right and virtue wear.
With hook of firmness to restrain 24
The senses five, is heaven to gain.
Indra himself has cause to say 25
How great the power ascetics’ sway.
The small the paths of ease pursue 26
The great achieve things rare to do.
They gain the world, who grasp and tell 27
Of taste, sight, hearing, touch and smell.
Full-worded men by what they say, 28
Their greatness to the world display.
Their wrath, who’ve climb’d the mount of good, 29
Though transient, cannot be withstood.
With gentle mercy towards all, 30
The sage fulfils the vitue’s call.

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