201 – 210: Fear of Sin

Sinners fear not the pride of sin. 201
The worthy dread the ill within.
Since evil begets evil dire 202
Fear ye evil more than fire.
The wisest of the wise are those 203
Who injure not even their foes.
His ruin virtue plots who plans 204
The ruin of another man’s.
Who makes poverty plea for ill 205
Shall reduce himself poorer still.
From wounding others let him refrain 206
Who would from harm himself remain.
Men may escape other foes and live 207
But sin its deadly blow will give.
Ruin follows who evil do 208
As shadow follows as they go.
Let none who loves himself at all 209
Think of evil however small.
He is secure, know ye, from ills 210
Who slips not right path to do evils.

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