191 – 200: Against Vain Speaking

With silly words who insults all 191
Is held in contempt as banal.
Vain talk before many is worse 192
Than doing to friends deeds adverse.
The babbler’s hasty lips proclaim 193
That “good-for-nothing” is his name.
Vain words before an assembly 194
Will make all gains and goodness flee.
Glory and grace will go away 195
When savants silly nonsense say.
Call him a human chaff who prides 196
Himself in weightless idle words.
Let not men of worth vainly quack 197
Even if they would roughly speak.
The wise who weigh the worth refrain 198
From words that have no grain and brain.
The wise of spotless self-vision 199
Slip not to silly words-mention.
To purpose speak the fruitful word 200
And never indulge in useless load.

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