171 – 180: Against Covetousness

Who covets others’ honest wealth 171
That greed ruins his house forthwith.
Who shrink with shame from sin, refrain 172
From coveting which brings ruin.
For spiritual bliss who long 173
For fleeting joy commit no wrong.
The truth-knowers of sense-control 174
Though in want covet not at all.
What is one’s subtle wisdom worth 175
If it deals ill with all on earth.
Who seeks for grace on righteous path 176
Suffers by evil covetous wealth.
Shun the fruit of covetousness 177
All its yield is inglorious.
The mark of lasting wealth is shown 178
By not coveting others’ own.
Fortune seeks the just and wise 179
Who are free from coveting vice.
Desireless, greatness conquers all; 180
Coveting misers ruined fall.

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