161 – 170: Avoid Envy

Deem your heart as virtuous 161
When your nature is not jealous.
No excellence excels the one 162
That by nature envies none.
Who envies others’ good fortune 163
Can’t prosper in virtue of his own.
The wise through envy don’t others wrong 164
Knowing that woes from evils throng.
Man shall be wrecked by envy’s whim 165
Even if enemies spare him.
Who envies gifts shall suffer ruin 166
Without food and clothes with his kin.
Fortune deserts the envious 167
Leaving misfortune omnious.
Caitiff envy despoils wealth 168
And drags one into evil path.
Why is envy rich, goodmen poor 169
People with surprise think over.
The envious prosper never 170
The envyless prosper ever.

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