151 – 160: Forgiveness

As earth bears up with diggers too 151
To bear revilers is prime virtue.
Forgive insults is a good habit 152
Better it is to forget it.
Neglect the guest is dearth of dearth 153
To bear with fools is strength of strength.
Practice of patient quality 154
Retains intact itegrity.
Vengeance is not in esteem held 155
Patience is praised as hidden gold.
Revenge accords but one day’s joy 156
Patience carries its praise for aye.
Though others cause you wanton pain 157
Grieve not; from unjust harm refrain.
By noble forbearance vanquish 158
The proud that have caused you anguish.
More than ascetics they are pure 159
Who bitter tongues meekly endure.
Who fast are great to do penance 160
Greater are they who bear offence.

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