141 – 150: Against Coveting Another’s Wife

Who know the wealth and virtue’s way 141
After other’s wife do not stray.
He is the worst law breaking boor 142
Who haunts around his neighbour’s door.
The vile are dead who evil aim 143
And put faithful friends’ wives to shame.
Their boasted greatness means nothing 144
When to another’s wife they cling.
Who trifles with another’s wife 145
His guilty stain will last for life.
Hatred, sin, fear, and shame-these four 146
Stain adulterers ever more.
He is the righteous householder 147
His neighbour’s wife who covets never.
They lead a high-souled manly life 148
The pure who eye not another’s wife.
Good in storm bound earth is with those 149
Who clasp not arms of another’s spouse.
Sinners breaking virtue’s behest 150
Lust not for another’s wife at least.

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