131 – 140: Good Decorum

Decorum does one dignity 131
More than life guard its purity.
Virtues of conduct all excel; 132
The soul aid should be guarded well.
Good conduct shows good family 133
Low manners mark anomaly.
Readers recall forgotten lore, 134
But conduct lost returns no more.
The envious prosper but ill 135
The ill-behaved sinks lower still.
The firm from virtue falter not 136
They know the ills of evil thought.
Conduct good ennobles man, 137
Bad conduct entails disgrace mean.
Good conduct sows seeds of blessings 138
Bad conduct endless evil brings.
Foul words will never fall from lips 139
Of righteous men even by slips.
Though read much they are ignorant 140
Whose life is not world-accordant.

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