121 – 130: Self Control

Self-rule leads to realms of gods 121
Indulgence leads to gloomy hades.
No gains with self-control measure 122
Guard with care this great treasure.
Knowing wisdom who lives controlled 123
Name and fame seek him untold.
Firmly fixed in self serene 124
The sage looks grander than mountain.
Humility is good for all 125
To the rich it adds a wealth special.
Who senses five like tortoise hold 126
Their joy prolongs to births sevenfold.
Rein the tongue if nothing else 127
Or slips of tongue bring all the woes.
Even a single evil word 128
Will turn all good results to bad.
The fire-burnt wounds do find a cure 129
Tongue-burnt wound rests a running sore.
Virtue seeks and peeps to see 130
Self-controlled savant anger free.

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