11 – 20: The Blessing of Rain

The genial rain ambrosia call: 11
The world but lasts while rain shall fall.
The rain begets the food we eat 12
And forms a food and drink concrete.
Let clouds their visits stay, and dearth 13
Distresses all the sea-girt earth.
Unless the fruitful shower descend, 14
The ploughman’s sacred toil must end.
Destruction it may sometimes pour 15
But only rain can life restore.
No grassy blade its head will rear, 16
If from the cloud no drop appear.
The ocean’s wealth will waste away, 17
Except the cloud its stores repay.
The earth, beneath a barren sky, 18
Would offerings for the gods deny.
Were heaven above to fail below 19
Nor alms nor penance earth would show.
Water is life that comes from rain 20
Sans rain our duties go in vain.

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