101 – 110: Gratitude

Unhelped in turn good help given 101
Exceeds in worth earth and heaven.
A help rendered in hour of need 102
Though small is greater than the world.
Help rendered without weighing fruits 103
Outweighs the sea in grand effects.
Help given though millet- small 104
Knowers count its good palm- tree tall.
A help is not the help’s measure 105
It is gainer’s worth and pleasure.
Forget not friendship of the pure 106
Forsake not timely helpers sure.
Through sevenfold births, in memory fares 107
The willing friend who wiped one’s tears.
To forget good turns is not good 108
Good it is over wrong not to brood.
Let deadly harms be forgotten 109
While remembering one good-turn.
The virtue-killer may be saved 110
Not benefit-killer who is damned.

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