1 – 10: The Praise of God

‘A’ leads letters; the Ancient Lord 1
Leads and lords the entire world.
That lore is vain which does not fall 2
At His good feet who knoweth all.
Long they live on earth who gain 3
The feet of God in florid brain.
Who hold His feet who likes nor loathes 4
Are free from woes of human births.
God’s praise who tell, are free from right 5
And wrong, the twins of dreaming night.
They prosper long who walk His way 6
Who has the senses signed away.
His feet, whose likeness none can find, 7
Alone can ease the anxious mind.
Who swims the sea of vice is he 8
Who clasps the feet of Virtue’s sea.
Like senses stale that head is vain 9
Which bows not to Eight-Virtued Divine.
The sea of births they alone swim 10
Who clench His feet and cleave to Him.

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