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I live my life at the barrel of a gun Forever this one or that summons someone There are so many claims that are made against me One wonders whether I owe or I am a blessing The purpose of violence intimated strongly Is to coerce and demand without faltering wrongly So irrespective of the client that's being held And without regard for the money spent as well My life is determined to be a resource to pay And pay I must for I want the client to stay Alive, long enough, to complete their work's task And in so doing fulfil their obligations and marks Signed and sealed, delivered and dutifully observed That were the perfunctory commisionary's words So it is that I pay for those who have much to lose And much more to behold as is their rank and dues Some might say this is the secret service game Of holding hostages, demanding ransoms and paying Others prefer to opine the wisdom of many fallen That says this is the reconciliation of problems That persons of high standing and persons of repute Have dealings with blackmailers and oaflike brutes And in the pursuance of their works and lives That they need persons such as I for them to thrive To pay for a hostage, to pay for a client To pay for the loved ones and their solvent times But more to the point to be the instance of the life That is wagered in contest and in countered strife To take beatings, to suffer egregious harm and woe To be dismembered and chopped-up in a dog and pony show To die, and in dying to be the payment for the client It is a wonder that I have made a life of such violent Prevarication and speculation laundered by a many Of outsiders who pontificate the role of the new gentry It was in the old days, when I was a just a child That the clients were noblemen and old money types Thereafter the corporations and companies that held Their executives and leaders as hostages as well Were entered into the race to see who would survive But this was moot in point once the politicians arrived The 1980's and 1990's saw a great revolution in kind With political figures dominating the client skyline Into the 2000's and then the 2010's with great aclaim There are now just three client syndicates of fame One is the king's own and here the emperor is god Two is the minister's place and the president is boss Three is the oligarch's station and the timocrat rules There is no fourth option, no fourth way to choose Some think in terms of problems, deadsuits and dice That drinking and whoring matched with gambling and vice Is where the action is in the contestation between Hostages and Spanish Prisoners and victims of belief Drug problems and psychotic repetition are their answer Except they fail to understand the principle charter Their borrowing and lending of things and fetich-kind Does not explain what the hell they're doing on the line We work this work from one end of the world to the other And find only three kinds of clients to hold in wonder So bankrupt gamblers, disgusting alcoholics, fetid drug abusers Insolvent money borrowers, perverse womanisers and blame accusers Have no business in this system for serious contenders They should not volunteer to play this personation game For there is no merit in paranoid delusional grandiose fame So if your friendly bookmaker or community loan shark should hotly Demand payment, don't intrude upon the million dollar lottery.

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