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1311 – 1320: Feigned Anger
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1311 – 1320: Feigned Anger
I shrink to clasp you bosom lewd 1311 To the gaze of all ladies exposed. He sneezed while we went on sulking 1312 Expecting me to say "live long". He "For which lady?" she widely cries 1313 While I adorn myself with flowers. "I love you more than all" I said 1314 "Than whom, than whom?" she sulked and chid. "In this life we won't part" I told 1315 Her eyes at once with tears were filled. I said "I thought of you". She left 1316 Her embrace crying "Oft you forget". I sneezed; she blessed; then changed and wept 1317 "You sneezed now at which lady's thought?" I repressed sneeze; she wept crying 1318 "Your thoughts from me you are hiding". I try to coax her and she remarks 1319 "Your coaxing others thus this marks". I think and gaze at her; she chides: 1320 "On whom your thought just now abides?"

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