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The human race is inflicting harm upon the environment and this is a dire state of affairs. Platitudes about carbon neutrality and even climate neutrality are just that, platitudes. We need a steadfast program of environmental harm reduction and the eventual eradication of environmental harm. Action is required at every level of society and in every sphere of life. This is non-negotiable. If we do not act to establish programs of environmental harm reduction, we are doomed.


For too long the philosophical thought leaders of society have pondered the great question, "What are we?" and their suppositions and conjecture have all been experiential in nature. They have defined the world from a point of view perspective. 3i looks at the world from a 3rd person perspective, seeing the whole picture not just the struggles of the individual thought leaders trying to make their theories fit the reality of life. 3i brings an independent perspective to the development agenda.


The nature of the human race is such that money and power are critical factors in decision making processes. Hostages are held, demands are made, ransoms are paid and prisoners are taken. This happens everywhere on a daily basis. 3i is well positioned to lubricate this decision making paradigm with clone making and clone programming services that make it possible for everyone whom is a stakeholder to actually be a player in the game of life.


3i is for the FUTURE

Long after the 70 year span of each of the almost 8 billion people on planet earth today has elapsed, There will be a human race that engages with the daily task of eking out a living in the struggle for survival, in the process of natural selection and with the reality of the survival of the fittest. Today short-term confidence tricksters (short con artists) are parasites that leech off the public goods and the private spaces in scams that are trivial but attractive to some. If we are to progress to a future for the human race that is devoid of treason, underdeclaration, corruption, crime, dishonesty and laziness we must stop these money-power hustlers from gaining access to authority in the first place. Let the human race cry out, "Kill All Liars Immediately" and let the human race not be fooled by the chicanery and the nonsense that is spouted by those that see no further than the loot that they will spend to ensconce themselves in vapid luxury while the people they have robbed live in abject poverty. It is true that life is short, but believing that this is a rationalisation to steal what you can when you can is just plain stupid. Countries that get looted by their governments which get looted by their leaders only end up impoverished and heavilly indebted to foreign creditors. Say, "NO", to treason, underdeclaration, corruption, crime, dishonesty and laziness; and say, "YES", to the future. 

"Contentment is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty" - Socrates

Why 3i?

3i wants to be your development partner if you are in the microelectronic device industry or if you are in the genetic engineering industry. 3i wants to be your systems and services partner if you are in the clone making industry or if you are in the clone programming industry. 3i wants to be your planning and strategy partner if you are in the intelligence systems industry or if you are in the intelligence services industry.

From enabling your government to exist and work effectively to enabling your corporation to exceed its expectations, 3i is geared to ensure your success. With a dedicated focus on political solvency, having innovated "Corruption-Free Politics" more than a decade ago, 3i has led the way in groundbreaking solutions that will work for you, guaranteed.

For the next few years 3i will play wargames and scenario planning exercises for all of the populated territories of the world. These wargames and scenario planning exercises will not cost any government anything and will by default cause the review of security and certainty as experienced by states around the world. 3i is moving the world away from the hegemony of the nuclear weapons powers and the dominance of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and is empowering the world to think and act for itself. We are no longer trapped in the paradigm of the 1st and 2nd world wars and we are no longer constrained by the implications of the cold war. Join 3i to remake the global polity as it should be - equitable for all.


UN Millenium Development Goals

Goal 1
Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.
Goal 2
Achieve universal primary education.
Goal 3
Promote gender equality and empower women.
Goal 4
Reduce child mortality.
Goal 5
Improve maternal health.
Goal 6
Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases.
Goal 7
Ensure environmental sustainability.
Goal 8
Develop a global partnership for development.

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